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Registration & Fees



Families on the waiting list are prioritized in the following order. In each case outlined below, the date the the completed registration form is received will be used to prioritize your family's position on the waiting list when all other criteria are equal.

  1. Families who already have a child at the daycare and want to register their second child together or consecutively, and children of staff members at Tartine et Chocolat
  2. Families who previously had a child at the daycare and want to register their second child with a gap of a year or more between the two.
  3. Families who already have a child registered at École Anne Hébert, and families in which a parent is a teacher at École Anne Hebert.
  4. Families who have a constitutional right to French schools. Those families who do not meet the eligibility criteria cannot register their child at Tartine et Chocolat.

In all cases the children must be toilet trained.


Daycare Registration Form

It is the responsibility of families to inform the daycare of any changes to their address and contact information. If the daycare cannot reach a family to offer a child care spot after three attempts and a time deemed appropriate by the daycare, then we will proceed to the next family on the waiting list.

Click here to access our registration form for 2018-2019.

Click here to access our registration form for 2019-2020.


Daycare Registration Confirmation

Daycare registration confirmation for the start of September will, to the extent possible, be finalized in February. We typically have some spots open for a July or August start. From time to time, a spot becomes available at other points in the year.

Registrations are only finalized if the $450 registration deposit has been received by the due date specified by the daycare. If the deposit is not received in a timely manner, this will be deemed by the daycare as being a refusal, and the spot will then be offered to the next family on the priority list. The daycare will make as much of an effort as possible to ensure a reasonable wait time, while still ensuring the financial security of the daycare centre.

If you apply for a government grant, the authorization number must be received before your child starts, or you will have to advance the monthly amount until the grant is functional.


Monthly Fee Payment

The current cost of child care at Tartine et Chocolat is $875 per month. As of September 2018, the rates will be $900 per month.

Post-dated cheques must be delivered to the daycare before the child starts attending.

Each family must agree, without exception, to an average of 3 hours of volunteering for the daycare per month. These hours can be distributed in an equal manner throughout the year, or may be done in larger chunks as required by the tasks involved and the availability of parents.

For additional details, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions and Le Guide Aux Familles (English translation pending).