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Frequently asked questions

When can my child start at the daycare? Most spots are available for a September start, however some places become available in July and August. All seats will be proposed following our order of priorities.  In the case where a daycare spot is available for a start date in August, we strongly recommend beginning gradual entry at that time. The priority for daycare spots will be available during the summer for families who want a full time spot. Sometimes a spot in the daycare becomes available later in the year. 

When should we sign up on the waiting list? You can register your child on the list at any point during the year that they turn 2. (Your child must be 3 years old on 31 December to start child care this year). For example: your child was born in 2015. Regardless of the date of birth in 2015, you can register on the waiting list from January 2017.

What do you mean by "gradual entry"? Gradual entry is necessary and required to ensure that the child has time to adapt to her environment feeling secure and trusting. When space is available, we encourage that gradual entry begin in August. During the individual interview, the director will discuss with you the time and pacing of the gradual entry of the child to daycare, and work closely with each family to ensure that adaptation is smooth.

Does my child have to take a nap? Children of this age still need a period of rest mid-day. Research shows that the rest is beneficial, even essential to children under 5 years. In the case that your child does not nap at home, we ask for parents' support in acknowledging the importance of a daily nap or rest period for your child while they attend the daycare. Children become irritable and are more emotional when tired. With full days of stimulation at the daycare, it is preferable that each child take a nap or at least rest during the allotted time.

What happens if my child is not yet toilet trained? Children must be toilet trained to start the program. If your child is not yet trained when we offer you a spot in the daycare, and it is not likely to be on the date he or she is to begin, please let us know so we can determine how best to proceed. If we observe a child who needs to wear a diaper or must regularly be changed, we will cancel the contract. Your name will be given priority on the waiting list for the next available space.

Does my child need to be capable of speaking French? Your child must be entitled to francophone school programs in British Columbia. However, your child does is not required to speak or understand French when they begin at the daycare. However, we encourage families to emphasize the use and value of the French language at home as much as possible to ensure the child understands that this is important in his family. French language comprehension will allow your child to adapt more easily to the environment at the daycare.  

Does communication with families occur in French? All written communication with families is in French. However, the staff is bilingual and can assist you in English if you require help. Some communications will be bilingual.

Does mandatory parent participation need to occur while the Centre is open? No, families do not have to volunteer during day-time hours. Parent participation is linked with the general functioning of the daycare (e.g. maintenance, Administration Committee, special event coordination, etc.)