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Parent Participation

Parent Participation

Parent participation in daycare operations is mandatory and essential. It helps create a sense of community among families, but also allows us to have a quality daycare at an affordable price.

Each family is required, without exception, to undertake an average of 3 volunteer hours per month. These hours can be distributed equally throughout the year, or can be clustered at certain intervals during the year depending on the nature of the task and the availability of parents.

An Administrative Committee (referred to as CA, ‘’Conseil Administratif’’) of five parent volunteers are in charge of the management of the Centre while working closely with its Director. The CA positions are filled every year during our Annual General Assembly (AGA). This includes (but is not limited to) the following roles: president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. These roles meet on a monthly basis with the Director.

Other positions and committees are also part of the daycare operations. For example, this might include volunteer coordination, website maintenance, translation of documents, daycare facility and toy cleaning, special event coordination, repairs and maintenance.  

It is not necessary that you speak French in order to volunteer and fulfill your volunteer hours.

The creation of our new website was a fantastic team effort! 

The creation of our new website was a fantastic team effort!